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Arik Gordon started his activity in 80’s as ATE (Automatic Testing Engineer) developer in ECI Telecom. We use big NI VXI systems. NI CVI/Labwindows and C++ used for SW Applications developments.

ECI production final tests systems                                        HP Spectrum Analyzer SW Application written by Arik Gordon

LANIR-TEC ltd is on the market from 2004 under the managing of Arik Gordon and represents companies in Telecom and Datacom fields and involved in new projects design. The projects are Telecom Analyzer and HDLC to PCAP Applications and more…

LANIR-TEC company participated in various projects as technical experts

A.Gordon during tests on the DDF Telecom Station and during cabling soldering

During exhibitions and presentation  shows on the LANIR-TEC Telecom Solutions boot    and in Kfar Maccabiah Hotel                                                                                                    

Last years we work as well in the field of vibration analyzing and conditional monitoring.

A.Gordon during Monitoring system Installation on the Power Plant Cooling Tower

Testing Electrical Motor

On the demand of our customers we provide our own solutions in these fields. One of the solutions is a Vibration Simulator project.

Vibration Simulator Solidworks mechanical design images samples

LANIR-TEC has a long and very successful history of any technical support for our customers.

Local customers Recommendations:

NICE has been receiving the services of LANIR-TEC for the last three years. The courtesy, fair price and above all professionalism are the company’s business card. As part of our joint activities, the aforementioned supplier is required deep understanding of our needs and proved quick solution of all problems. Sometime we get on-line solutions from LANIR-TEC by phone, when our engineers being abroad.
“ ..We are using a lot of Telecom products , supplied by LANIR-TEC LTD. During our work Arik  provides telephone support and frequent visits to the Verint laboratories on an ongoing basis . Arik demonstrates impressive technical ability to solve technical problems that arise during the course of the work. Arik has other outstanding features such as reliability and integrity that are always important in the relationship between the supplier and the customer…”
“We use the Odin Thor-2-PCMCIA–PRO product for a few years for diagnostic purposes to analyze low level E1/T1 interface and test sessions record.We are satisfied with the product and local Odin representative (LANIR-TEC) in terms of expected support and responsiveness to inquiries and have no problem recommending the product and local support…….”
“TechMer Ltd collaborates with LANIR-TEC Company for years and has been always awarded with a quick and professional service. The service included support, delivery and creative solutions to various requirements. Any issue we have encountered was dealt with highest attention and was brought to a satisfactory resolution. We will be glad to work with LANIR-TEC in any future project.”
We are using various Telecom products supplied by LANIR-TEC . We are very satisfied from the products and the LANIR-TEC LTD technical support when ever it We use the Telecom boards, Patch Panels and E1 Analyzer Application. We are very satisfied from the products and the LANIR-TEC LTD technical support when ever it is needed and have no problem to recommend the product and local support.
  ” LANIR-TEC  is a Exclusive Distributor of GarantPlus SIP/E1 Gateways and E1 Monitoring Adapter Boards. For more then 10 years of joint cooperation we mark LANIR-TEC as a source of Professional Services in Consulting, Integration, Setup, Measurement and QC in the E1 Area of all our Israel Customers….”  
” We purchased Vibration Analyzers from LANIR-TEC LTD. Before and after purchasing time we get outstanding technical support from Arik Gordon include visiting us. We will be happy to continue and to cooperate with LANIR-TEC in future….”
”.. We are purchased from LANIR-TEC , assembled cables for Vibration Analyzers and Monitoring Systems which stay on our requirements. We are very satisfied from the products and the LANIR-TEC LTD technical support when ever it is needed and have no problem to recommend the product and local support….”

Please contact LANIR-TEC for details and more Recommendation letters

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