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                 Telecom / Binary to PCAP
How to get PCAP files records
  • First to record E1 files by using E1 recording boards and E1 Analyzer Application
  • Collect recorded file into Binary to PCAP decoder application(offline)
  • Read them by Wireshark open source application 

LANIR-TEC Hardware and Software collection for Telecom Applications include:

  E1 PCI boards of 2xE1, 4xE1, 8xE1 and 16xE1 and 2or 4 E1 Express cards used to record E1 Binary file .


2x E1 RX/TX or 4x RX Express card
installed into Laptop slot.
T8 PCI card include 8x TX/RX E1’s (4 x Links)
16x E1 RX PCI board used for Monitoring 16x El lines = (8x Links)        Custom Portable System

E1 Recording process done by  E1 Analyzer Software Application
For more details   Please open           ODIN E1-T1 Analyzer features Panels.pdf


                                     As result of recording process we get binary file for each E1 Link

Recorder PCM E1 Binary file read by BinToPCAP application and translated into PCAP format with ready to go WIRESHARK open source application
BinToPCAP application – Sample of two Audio files (in TS3)
For more details   Please open         BinToPCAP User Manual document