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Telecom / E1 Analyzer
                         About E1 Analyzer


The OTX T1E1 Analyzer software package consists of a base program plus several 
addon modules which are sold separately. The base program offers basic T1/E1 Analysis
functions such as Line and Framing Status, and timeslot display of received data,
oscilloscope viewer, spectrum analyzer, and ABCD bit signaling access.

The following add-on modules are available:
Record/Playback - Recorded data can be viewed in a hexademical 
spreadsheet form, or as a waveform in an oscilloscope display. The playback
module supports playback of multiple formats, such as raw binary, or WAV format.

BERT -  The BERT module features transmission and reception of a variety of
common bit patterns, and the auto-detection feature of a test pattern makes BERT
testing a simple and easy-to-use operation. The graphical interface is designed
to provide a comprehensive view of the status of multiple T1 and E1 spans;
possibly hosted by multiple OTX boards.

HDLC - This module provides HDLC encoding (from hex values) and HDLC
decoding (to hex values) on one or more timeslots.
This tool can be a monitor (connected passively (high-z or via a monitor port)), 
or be a simulator (terminating the span with 100/120 or 75 ohm).

HW Supported
card with 2(4)T1/E1/J1 
Thor-8-PCI-Plus is full-size
PCI card with 8 T1/E1/J1
                                              Gimle-16-PCI-Plus is  full-size PCI card with 16 T1/E1/J1 interfaces. Monitoring only

Main Panel of E1 Analyzer Application with two E1 boards works together under one application 
  -  One board is 8x E1 TX/RX  PCI 
  -  Second board 2 x TX/RX  Express Card /54


This SW Application is very useful for  problems detection  needs .Binary files was recorded online on the DDF station. Later they can be play offline in the  laboratory .  

Please open file for more details: ODIN E1-T1 Analyzer  features Panels.pdf