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  • Low-cost, high performance alternative
  • Fits completely and unobtrusively inside mated connector pairs at the base of the male connector.
  • Available in all standard and high density D-Subminiature configurations
  • Also available for MIL-C38999, MIL C-26482, ARINCs, as well as other connectors.
  • Constructed of flexible, rugged, high survivable materials
  • Gold plated and conformally coated for harsh environments
  • Using surface mount ceramic capacitors, ranging from .5 to 18,000 pF and from 50 to 200 Volts.(Limits vary based on availability and connector configuration)
Custom configurations are our specialty. We can filter each pin individually. 
Which allows the use of mixed components including capacitors, zener diodes, resistors, and 
MOVs on the same array