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Vibration / Simulator
About Vibration Simulator (VibSim)

Need to check or demonstrate whole Monitoring system or Vibration Analyzer in few minutes?
Here is perfect new powerful solution for professionals

Variable Signal Accelerometer Simulator for Machinery Vibration tests
Whole system
Note: Laptop not included
VibSim Microprocessor driven Box VibSim Application

Outputs Signals

Signal A Output
on BNC A Connector

Signal B Output 
on BNC B Connector

 Signal A+B Output 
on BNC Connector A+B

Live ISO10816-3Table Menu with various units selection

Example of VibSim connection to Monitoring system


  • Full range of variable test signals 
  • Whole monitoring systems test on the plant
  • Demonstration of monitoring and analyzers instruments
  • Demonstrations in classrooms, labs and on the field
  • Simulation of various alarming scenarios when connected to real Monitoring System or
    Analyzer Instrument
  • Any angle between A and B signals can be selected.
  • Signal setting by means of PC Application connected to Simulator by Micro USB Cable
  • Application works  under Win XP and Win10


For more detail please go to Vibration -> Simulator -> Documentation menu