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Vibration / Simulator/Why you need VibSim

Note: VibSim means VSG301  Vibration Simulator

                   VibSim on side                           Connected to Laptop    In plastic transportation box

This picture is describing a regular monitoring system:

It’s including the following parts:

Motor Under Test (1)  connected to monitoring system (2) , Vibration analyzer (3) & to the remote PC (4) data collector placed  in  remote control room.

How can we stream different signals so we can immediately check, demonstrate and learn about the system?


The solution could be – to use LANIR-TEC VibSim instrument :

– Disconnecting the requested channels sensors  ( Appearing as  )
– Instead, connect the LANIR-TEC  VibSim portable Vibration Simulator (5)
– Run the VibSim application on a Laptop or Tablet PC (4) and run the ISO 10816-3 table
– Set various alarm values by using “live” ISO 10816-3 table and check the signal results on the analyzer (3) or on the remote PC(6) 
LANIR-TEC   VibSim,  a new professional solution for vibration and   monitoring system experts, is now available on the market

VibSim During Exhibition Demonstrations

Are you sure that using Grindstone is enough for an attractive presentation during the exhibitions?

We are recommending you to use our new VibSim for giving a wider and deeper 
understanding of the subject in different kind of presentations

Every signal in the ISO 10816-3 table can be changed to normal(green),warning(yellow) or critical(red) alarm. A full system check will take about 1 minute.


VibSim in the study class

VibSim is used for better understanding of the subject during the studies