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Parts for sale from the stock

After the completion of various projects, we still have small quantities of parts in our stock that may be of interest to electronics developers.
We will sale them for minimal prices
Please press on the relevant button below:

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Components for PCB:
PCB components
Various parts
(For PCB & Panel)


High Quality cables (Industrial and Military)
Assembled cables
Centronics, Telco,GPIB,& Mini USB

Flex Flat Cables UL2896 & connectors



-Circular connectors

-2 pins Circular connectors

- MS3106A (American  standard C-5015)
Used for Vibration Accelerators cabling
- P20W  2 pins waterproof  cable to cable connector
More samples of  Circular connectors in stock:
Samples of circular connectors
Pins & Sockets
Binder  Connectors (used by ADASH)

Connectors for  Flex Flat Cables UL2896  

Mass Interconnect

Mass Interconnect Connection Systems


Spare slots & pins (from MAC Panels)


RF Connectors and Adapters

7/16, TNC, SHV, BNC, N, LC, UHF, MHV, C, SMA, HN ...and more


BNC (Adaptors)

BNC (on cable & PCB)

Fiber Optics parts

Fiber Optics

Assembled cables


Wide Band coupler 

Single mode coupler

Connectors and adaptors


Parts for Vibration measurement

Professional connectivity accessories :

-High quality cables include MIL cables


-Vibration Sensors (mV/g and 4-20mA)

-Magnets for Vibration Sensors

Vibration Sensors (Accelerators) and assembled Cabling

HS-100 Accelerometer 100mV/g
Oil Resistance output via 5meter PUR cable 

HS-420 Accelerometer 4-20mA
 Velocity output via PUR Cable

HS-100 Accelerometer 100mV/g
 Output: Via 2Pin MS
Mounting Tread: M6 Male
Incude MS Connector on Cable, Magnet & base


 Accelerator place

Accelerometer with waterproof 2 pins connector
Vibra Assembled Cables
Assembled Cables for Vibration Measuremets Accelerometer 
 Binder cable second side open
Binder to MS cable
Binder to MS coiled cable
 MS connector  cable with second side open
 MS to BNC cable 
2 MS  Female / Male Extention cable 
Long cable for very hard conditions with permanently connected 100mv/g Accelerator  
Vibration Systems

Vibration Monitoring Systems

TPI 9070 Portable Vibration Analyzer

9070Data Sheet

With Stinger or BNC (cable) connection Head

*  One used unit for sale
*  One used unit for sale
80Hz & 8kHz  Accelerator Simulator -                           Used to simulate 100mv/g  Accelerometer, already installed on the working  Electrical Motors.Very useful for understanding Condition Based Maintenance and Monitoring  issues
Note: For variable Frequencies and Amplitudes Simulator please check the  VSG301 product page
*  One used unit for sale
Laser Sensor
VLS Optical Speed Sensor Laser (7.5-15vdc) 3v Output
*  One used unit for sale

Aluminium Boxes for Electronics  Instrumentation developers 

 For Example: LANIR-TEC VSG301

All  Front & Back panels components, used for the project.

Dual PC

8" Tablet PC's with Dual OS

Cube Tablet PC Dual OS Windows 10/Android 5.1
Trail Z8300 2G 32GB
8GB external Micro-SD card slot 
HDMI , Dual Cameras

Isolated USB Cable

Isolated USB cable

Isolator for direct connection of a USB device with up to 12 Mbit/s data transfer speed.
USB 1.1. and 2.0 compatible.
Withstands 4000V for one minute and 6000V for one second. 
EN 60601-1 (Edition 3.0) tested. 
No power source required.
Made in Germany

Mini USB Connector

USB-A Connector

*  One  unit for sale
NVT CCTV Transmitters/Recevers

NVT CCTV Transmitters/Recevers over Twisted pair or coaxial cables

List of NVT items in Lanir-tec stock


USB to RS232 Adapters

VSCom USB to 2-port serial adapter, RS232, FTDI chipset

VScom USB to RS232 Port Adapter USB-COM Mini

19" Patch Panels for various panel mounted connectors


Various Patch Panels

GPIB Boards & Accessories

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